Direct Placement

Our search teams will give you an edge in the modern battle for top talent.

Direct Placement

Recruitment is tough. How do you compete and win the attention of the best candidates in your space? Present your opportunity in the best light? Predict key hires? Proactively source and nurture candidate relationships? Increase hiring velocity? Optimize the candidate experience? Avoid offer ghosting? We collaborate with your leadership to give you an edge on the modern battlefield for talent.


Whether you need one exceptional candidate or 100, we're here to help.


  • Client meeting
  • Needs analysis


  • Source candidates
  • Qualify and shortlist
  • Candidate presentation


  • Client interviews
  • Verification and background
  • Offer management
  • Onboarding

Follow Up

  • Candidate support
  • Analytics
  • Process optimization

Our Approach

Our search team live and breathe recruitment. They have decades of experience finding the best, in some of the most challenging talent markets in the world. First, we’ll take time to deeply understand your role and requirements, and precisely tailor a candidate profile for the search. We’ll examine your organizational structure, internal politics, team dynamics, culture, current and future strategic plans, and trends in your industry. Our search team will then work tirelessly to qualify, verify and present the best candidates in your space for the role. 

Industry Expertise

Unique capabilities and insight across a broad range of industries.

Accounting and finance



Energy and Utilities




Human resources

Industrial management

Information technology









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Proudly serving our clients since 2001.

The future of work is here and it requires organizations to adjust, innovate and execute at lightning speed. At Progression3, we focus on helping our clients grow and maintain exceptional teams for the new world of work.

We have placed thousands of people with hundreds of organizations for nearly two decades, and are running stronger day-by-day. We’re experts in staffing and recruitment and offer a full-range of workforce solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

Founded in 2001, we’re proud to be a people partner of choice for leading companies in Canada and the USA.